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Ravenna Township
6115 S. Spring Street
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Recycle Center for Ravenna Township


At this time curbside recycling pickup is offered on a voluntary basis. Please contact the Portage County District Recycling Center at (330) 678-8808 or view their website at:


Ravenna Township has a recycling drop off center located at the rear of the Ravenna Township Fire/Road/Administrative Offices at 6115 South Spring Street. It is open from dawn to dusk. All residents are able to bring their recyclables to this drop off center.

Individual bins are marked for the following:

  • Aluminum and Tin Cans
  • Glass Bottles and Jars – caps removed and placed with the aluminum and tin cans
  • #1 and #2 Plastic containers
  • Magazines, Catalogues, Junk Mail and Office Paper
  • Newspaper
  • Cardboard, Brown Paper Bags, Telephone Books, Cereal and Tissue Boxes
  • New bins will be placed for #3-#7 plastics

The new #3 - #7 plastics bins include: buckets, totes, crates, plastic pallets, trays, toys, lawn furniture, agricultural trays and flower pots if they are clean and empty, shelving, sheeting and parts. NOT collected: glass, metal, paper, clothes, Styrofoam, PVC pipe, plastic film, grocery bags and stretch film, flexible water hoses, poly coated paper orange juice and milk cartons, small plastic containers such as yogurt cups.

Items NOT acceptable for recycling:

  • aerosol and paint cans
  • ceramics and light bulbs
  • chemical containers
  • gooey pizza boxes
  • juice boxes and milk cartons
  • motor oil containers
  • paper cups and plates
  • scrap metal
  • trash and tires
  • waxy or foil-covered cardboard
  • window glass

Ravenna Township does have a yearly drop off at the recycle center which includes scrap metal, appliances and 6 tires per family. Announcements of this drop off will be on this web site and in the newspaper.

Should you have further questions about recycling, please call the Recycle Center at the above number or the Ravenna Township Administrative Offices at 330-297-1998, Monday through Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.